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Pacific Rim Real Estate Group, Inc. will conduct its operations in a professional and ethical manner while achieving the client's objectives, provide quality asset management, and strive to maintain positions of leadership within the commercial real estate industry.

Rarely does a real estate brokerage company have the opportunity to combine the career backgrounds of its principle stockholders/brokers to provide unique services required by the growing local, national, and international commercial real estate community.

It is the objective of Pacific Rim Real Estate Group, Inc. to:

Take the time necessary to fully understand the client's objective in acquiring or disposing of real estate.

• Provide accurate data that will assist clients in establishing fair market property values.

Conduct feasibility studies that will assist clients in making real estate investments with a minimum of risk.

Conduct ethical and legal negotiations in all relationships with the real estate industry, clients and customers.

Attract and retain associates with quality track records in the commercial real estate industry that have demonstrated a high standard of professionalism.

• Provide quality asset management services.

Manage operations so that they achieve the profit objectives of the company.

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